Things I’m Loving Lately & My Marathon Training Plan – June 17

Things I’m Loving Lately & My Marathon Training Plan – June 17


I’ve been trying to spend more time reading lately and this is my latest read. I’m only a little way through this but already I’m enjoying it immensely. When you think of Buddhism you may think of all the rituals, ceremonies and prayers but as it says in the book, this veils the Buddha’s words. The book is about going back to the straightforward teachings of the Buddha and what they mean to us today.


I am about to start a deep gut cleanse and detox, I will be doing an in-depth post on this and sharing my results so you will be hearing more on this, but for now here are some of the supplements I’m taking and why.

Iodine – detoxifies heavy metals from the body, heals the endocrine system and thyroid which controls your metabolism. Just 3 drops in a glass of water a couple of times a day to start with. Make sure you go for Nascent as this is what removes the metals from the body.

Green Powders – I have been starting every day with a green juice. You can either just drink a scoop in a glass of water, or juice together some greens (celery, cucumber, lettuce) and add it to this.  This type has a blend of Spirulina, Wheatgrass and Alfalfa so is really nutrient dense and will help detoxify the liver which means it will help you burn more fat!


New meditations I am using at the moment are by Bradley T Morris, he has a ‘Good Morning Ritual’ which I think is a great way to start the day with positivity and energy.  There is a free three minute versin you can try out here.


My summer playlist which Spotify created for me, ive been using this for my runs lately.



Nivea in shower moisturiser, ive recently discovered this and it’s so quick and easy, you don’t need to use moisturiser afterwards and so it saves you a few minutes when getting ready, perfect for those in a hurry or with children!


These fitness bands are so cheap and great to use for a good workout! Let me know if you’d like a workout using these in the comments below.

My Marathon training plan

My marathon training starts the next month so im gearing up for that, ill be sharing my training plan with you in case you are interested. It is my first full marathon and I have very little time with a new-born so it will be running three times a week and will require complete commitment. I would like to do it under 4 hours and 30 minutes so it’s going to be extremely tough. I’m going to be sharing updates on my social media, if you don’t already follow me you can do so here to track my progress!

Instagram – @thehappyfittie
Twitter – @thehappyfittie

This is the plan I will be following – ill be running three times a week.

Virgin Intermediate Training Plan

Is there anything you’re training for? If so, comment below and we can support one another 🙂

Much love and peace,

Kellie xo

Here are all of the products that I have been using and have discussed above. I am not sponsored to discuss these products, all views are my own.

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