My Week in Workouts #1

My Week in Workouts #1

Hey my lovelies! I hope you have had a great week?  So this week I thought I would give you my week in workouts, that way you get a few workout ideas aswell as some inspiration for the week ahead.

Monday I decided was a rest day after a hard night with my newborn and barely any sleep, I decided to take the day off! My little boy turned 5 weeks old this week so we are just spending lots of time with him, learning how to communicate with him and watching him grow and develop. It’s amazing how there is something new each and every day! Here is the little cutie 🙂

Tuesday, I managed to get in a run on this day and decided to mix up my run a little with some body-weight exercises in between. If you want to know the full details of this routine it’s all here. I tend to do this once a week, instead of just plain old running ill mix in some exercises or ill do intervals, just to make it more interesting and also to work a bit harder. If you’re just running at the same pace all of the time, your body soon gets used to this and doesn’t progress much. Intervals work much quicker at improving fitness.

Wednesday was a busy day so I completed a quick 10 minute HIIT workout in my bedroom before we headed out. This consisted of the following:

Exercise Time
Jump Squats 20 seconds
Plank 20 seconds
Rest 20 seconds

Repeat this 10 times for a great quick 10 minute workout. As its only 20 seconds of exercise, make sure for the squat jumps you go really deep and then jump as high as you can. Also for the plank, make sure you are as low as possible (with your hips aligned to your shoulders so you are in a straight line). I really felt this the next day in my bum and hamstrings 🙂

Thursday I went for a steady pace run (9.45 mins per mile average) for 3 miles, not super fast but still a good 30 minute workout.

Saturday & Sunday – I went to my local Cross fit where we completed some circuit workouts which were a real killer! We did simple circuits such as 50-40-30-20-10. Pick two exercises such as squats, sit ups, press ups, lunges – complete for 50 each then do a 400m run, then you go down to 40, 30 etc. That is a really tough workout, so if you give this a try let me know!

I hope these workouts get you motivated and give you some ideas.  Here are some of my faves this week:


I’ve been snacking all week on my protein balls. They’re so easy to make, super quick, healthy and full of protein so a great snack after a killer workout.


I’ve been loving coffee smoothies this week, I’ve been having little sleep as you can imagine so need that extra caffeine boost. I especially like a caffeine boost before exercising as I find it gives me an extra boost to push further that I normally would.  This Banana & Chocolate protein smoothie has been my favourite this week.


I love beauty and make up products so I’m including them in my weekly favourites.  This week I splashed out on an amazing product that I’ve been wanting for a while. Its Becca’s priming filter. I find that this makes my skin look so dewy and fresh, whilst making my foundation look flawless. So worth the splurge!


For anyone who runs a lot you will know that running can be quite hard on your knees. I especially suffer from this so I found this article very useful this week. How to Prevent Knee Injury.


As someone who is in the process of turning their passion into their career, it can be incredibly daunting. I find a lot of motivation through the Good & Co: Career Insights website and their recent post on 8 Things Highly Successful People do Differently keeps me motivated.  I think it’s so important to keep a positive attitude, it’s incredibly hard work but you have to believe in what you are doing and keep using towards your goals if you want to succeed.


What’s your favourite workout?

Have an amazing week – stay strong!


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