Lost Your Motivation? 5 Non Physical Benefits of Working Out

Lost Your Motivation? 5 Non Physical Benefits of Working Out

Hey everyone. I wanted to write about this as being someone who has struggled with confidence and self-esteem issues in the past, I think it’s incredibly important that we focus on the non physical benefits of exercise and working out as I believe these far outweigh the physical benefits. Of course, exercising regularly will do wonders for your physique, but I truly believe that if you think once you have that flat stomach or muscular arms that you will suddenly be happy then you are disillusioned, there’s far more to it than that. Have you lost your motivation to get back to the gym? There are so many benefits to exercise that once you recognise them you will be able to use them for future motivation. If someone tells you they are 100% always motivated to go workout they are lying to you! The battle is usually in our heads, so having these thoughts to counter act the ‘bad’ thoughts should help you stay positive, motivated and get you to that gym class!

Here are my top 5 non physical reasons why I workout:

1. Number 1 on the list has to be mental health.

This is my biggest motivation for working out.  Not only does working out make me feel like I’ve accomplished something, it makes me feel empowered, like I can take on anything.  It soothes my soul, makes me feel strong physically and mentally.  For someone with self-esteem issues, it has given me an identity and a purpose.  It has built up my pride and confidence and after every run/class/gym session I get a little bit more proud.

2. It relieves stress and anxiety.

If I’ve had a stressful day, I know that sinking a bottle of wine will feel good at the time but the next day you will be filled with remorse and beating yourself up because you’ve undone all the hard work you’ve put in. If you go workout instead, not only will you beat the stress away, but you will get that high after your workout from the rush of endorphins, and the next day you will still be feeling good about yourself because you did something great for your mind and body.

3. You will be more productive.

I swear if I go for a run in the morning, I get so much more done that morning/day! It will immediately give you more energy and you will rattle through your to do list like a crazy person.

4. You will eat more healthy and nutrition foods.

Because you have done something good for your body, psychologically you know that if you eat a cupcake you will undo your good work, so you will automatically reach for the healthier treat. Despite what most people think, only a small majority of people will think, ‘Ive worked out so I can eat the cake!’. If you struggle from addictions, exercising will help you control your binges.

5. It gives you time to think.

It gives you time to yourself to be with your thoughts. Our lives are so busy, we are constantly running around from A to B without any time to stop and think about ourselves. I like to think about my goals, my future, am I achieving what I set out to achieve, am I happy with my progression, what do I really want for the future? Those types of life goals which we very rarely sit and think about. I think its important to check in with ourselves every now and again 🙂

Have a think about what exercise really means to you and use this for motivation the next time you are struggling to get your mojo back.  I hope you find this useful, let me know if you do in the comments.

Whats your motivation?






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