Why I Run

Why I Run

Hello there! How are you doing? I hope you have had a great week!

Welcome to my new weekly update. Every week ill be sharing you what’s going on in my life aswell as some of my favourites of the week (favourite smoothies, recipes, workouts, beauty and fitness trends) and most importantly ill be sharing my motivation for the week in the hope of motivating and inspiring you.

Speaking of which, this week my goal was to get back into some form of running routine. Throughout my pregnancy I was unable to run after around 16 weeks as I found myself very out of breath, needing the toilet constantly (sorry TMI..) and it was just extremely uncomfortable. So for someone who loves running for a number of different reasons, I have been very excited about getting back into some sort of routine, whilst being careful not to over do it (im still only 5 weeks post partem). So I set myself a goal.. to get out running twice a week. That’s it, no set distance or speed, just a determination to get out there but to take it easy and listen to my body. I think its important to set goals, but even more so to make them attainable.

Accomplishing goals is a great motivator. So set yourself a goal whether it’s just to start running once a week, or even to go to a class once a week. Then once you have achieved that goal, in a few weeks time you can think to yourself, right now im going to do two classes a week or im going to try to run 5k on my weekly run, then you can increase your goal to running two times a week etc etc. You will feel so good that you have started to do something for yourself that you will want to set yourself your next target. Running apps are great for this too, they have lots of goals you can set yourself, im currently using Map my Run but I have used Runkeeper in the past and both are very similar and have goal sections. I go into detail about both these apps in my Tips to Keep Running Interesting post.

So anyway, I left the boy with David, dusted off my running gear and out I went. It helped massively that the weather was nice outside, the sun was shining and I put my favourite playlist on and started running. It immediately felt so good! Having some time out for me, being alone with my thoughts, I remembered why I missed it so much.

Something I like to do about halfway round is stretch.  I pause my workout on my app, pause my music and do some stretches.  I take this time to breathe and reflect on how im feeling right there in that moment. I praise myself for getting out there and take time to reflect on how grateful I am that I am able to do so. I don’t practice meditation or mindfulness, but I guess this is my own spiritual ritual. It’s these moments that I remember for next time and they keep me motivated to go out there again and again.

There were 2 or 3 songs on my playlist that came on and really lifted my mood, even gave me goosebumps (or maybe that was the wind!) but these were the songs, I recommend you add them to your running playlist this week.

Once ive finished my run, I get back home and whip up a protein smoothie.  This week I discovered this Kale & Mango Smoothie and it was so good I pretty much had this every day. For the rest of the day I’m on a high, feeling my aching legs I know ive worked my body well, aswell as nourishing my body and mind. This is why I run, this is why I feed my body with healthy and nutritious food.

Whats your motivation?

Here are some of my favourites this week:

Protein Snack

I have been loving my  Homemade Granola this week, I have been having this for breakfast with milk and for snacks during the day to nibble on. Give this a try, its truly delicious.

Runner’s Blog

I enjoyed reading The 12 Habits of Highly Motivated Runners it got me motivated, especially as my goal was to get out and run this week! I especially like the ‘exercise snacks’ in the morning, think planks/push-ups and lunges for breakfast.

Most inspiring fitness blog

Neghar Fonooni discusses body image, her past struggles and how she overcame them. Something I’m sure we can all relate to.

Most useful fitness item

Meal prep containers from Amazon. These come with multiple compartments which makes it easier to prep your protein, carbs and veggies for the week.

Favourite workout of the week

I have been loving Chontel Duncan’s new HIIT workouts which she is posting on Instagram. Easy to do at home and good motivation for people to get off the couch. Follow her here –https://www.instagram.com/chontelduncan/?hl=en.

Something I came across the other week which had me and my husband in stitches and really stuck with me, is this activewear song. The reason we found it so funny is, this is something we have been noticing over the last year or so, people shopping, eating out, walking their children in their activewear. We saw this and now we can’t stop quoting it 🙂

I hope you enjoy, and have a great week.



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