100 Burpees in 30 Days Challenge

100 Burpees in 30 Days Challenge

If you like a burpee then you will love this challenge. If you don’t love burpees but want to get superfit real quick then give this a try – you will feel a sense of accomplishment like no other, imagine being able to complete 100 burpees! ┬áPlus, the burpee is a major fat blaster as they are high intensity – your body will continue to burn calories for 48 hours after your workout!

There is no miracle cure to fat loss – no complicated workout plan is necessary! Lets just get back to basics and the gold old burpee – just completing a number of burpees in correct form over a period of 30 days, will blast fat and improve your overall fitness – go see for yourself!

If you are unsure of form, check the pic below –

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